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About the Parish of Stocking Pelham

Our village is a small rural hamlet situated in the East Hertfordshire district of Hertfordshire, England. It is located on the border with Essex, around 6 miles (10 km) east of Buntingford and about 7 miles to the north of Bishops Stortford.

The total area is approximately 650 acres, making Stocking Pelham one of the smallest parishes under the auspices of the East Hertfordshire Council. The countryside surrounding the village consists mainly of agricultural land, with a well-marked footpath network. Close to the village is a major electrical substation of the National Grid.

The village is one of the three Pelhams, along with the nearby Brent Pelham and Furneux Pelham. Adjoining parishes include the two other Pelhams (in Hertfordshire) and the village of Berden (in Essex).

Stocking Pelham has a church dedicated to Saint Mary. The parishes of Braughing, Furneux Pelham and Stocking Pelham are part of the Ash and Quin Valleys Team Ministry and are within the diocese of St Albans. Distinctive features of St Mary's Church at Stocking Pelham is the rare and ancient bell, which has been attributed to John Langhorne 1379-1406. The bell was refurbished and rehung as a Millennium Project.

Historically the village had a thatched pub called The Cock. Unfortunately, this burnt down in 2008. However, a new pub has been built on the same site and is currently available for purchase.

The Stocking Pelham Village Hall was once the Village School and is now used regularly by a thriving local preschool, the Pelhams Penguins. Social events take place at the Hall or on the nearby Recreation Field, thanks to the volunteers of the Stocking Pelham Village Hall Committee. The funds raised by the Committee are used to maintain and improve the condition of the building or to contribute to other village facilities such as Christmas lights. The Hall can also be hired for private parties.

The Recreation Field is used for sporting activities, particularly the Stocking Pelham Cricket Club, which has a distinguished history. The Cricket Club has a well-equipped Cricket Pavilion on one corner of the Field.

The Stocking Pelham Parish Council generally meets on a monthly basis in the Village Hall. This website provides online and transparent access to documents relating to the activities and conduct of the Stocking Pelham Parish Council.

The SPPC web site is under constant revision and is provided for the benefit of all residents of Stocking Pelham. If you have any comments or suggestions for improvement, please contact the clerk.